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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle vs EMP

Roles/dialogue indicated by (#1), (#2), etc as characters appear.

Scene opens....

Minutes after twilight, barely a glow on the horizon, stars coming out.

[F/X] The sound of wind.

High shot coming in on a building at a crossroads in open/rural area. As shot tightens, old gas station sign can be made out, along with pump island and a man hunkered down on the roof of a four-bay service station. He's holding something beside his head. Shot continues to tighten until it closes on the man's head and shoulders (back to the camera). Beside him is a telescope on a stand. He appears to be holding a gramophone cone to his ear, panning side to side a little. He stops, tracks back a little. He pulls the cone aside, and sticks a slightly greasy finger in his ear and wiggles it. He raises the cone again and listens. He suddenly lowers the cone and attaches it to the gramophone. As he winds it he starts shouting.

(#1) "He's coming! He's coming! Get the door up!"

The needle hits the vinyl and the first bell toll of AC/DC's "****'s Bells" rings out as he runs for the ladder (out of shot). (Song continues in background).

Camera pans back towards crossroad. The sound of two stroke engine starts to climb. It resolves into three separate motor sounds, one being pushed hard, and two smaller ones almost idling. Out of the dusk comes a motorbicycle, no lights. Twin handlebar mounted light chainsaws (12" blades) chatter. Suddenly a shape lurches out of the darkness from the side. The rider twists his left hand (for the saw throttles) and the small saws rev to screaming as the left one takes a rotting arm off just above the elbow.

Camera shot from inside auto shop bay. Overhead door is open, hand held floodlights sweep the growing darkness as the bike grows closer. A zombie staggers towards the open door, a pair of people rush out and cut it down just as the bike clears the parking lot entrance. It screams across the parking lot and the rider and two guards dive under the already closing door.

[F/X] Overhead door rattling shut and locking.

Motorbicycle revs, coughs, and dies. Rider throws kickstand down and pulls off helmet.

(#2 - Older man) "Did you get it?"

(#3 - Rider) (coughs, catching breath). "Yeah. But there's bad news. Since the PartZmart burned out - "

(#4) "Hey, I said I was sorry! In-destructable means you can't break it, so in-flammable shouldn't burn!"

(#3) "Shut up, (#4) or I'll -"

(#2) "Enough! Did. You. Get. It?"

(#3) "Yeah, here." Rider takes a satchel off the handlebars and hands it over. "But here's the problem. That's the last one. There's no more to be found for at least four hours in any direction."

(#2) (Sighs.) "Well, that tears it. We've got to do it." Pulls a bottle out of the bag.

(#4) "You don't mean..."

(#3) "Oh no..."

(#2) "Yep, I know. But if this truly is the last bottle of Opti-2 in the county, then we're going to have to move."


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