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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle vs EMP

Originally Posted by mew905 View Post
depends on the design really, people used to shoplift quite effectively from walmart and other stores with RF detectors by lining a bag with tinfoil. It has a specific name, and is listed in the "A" cook book (it's illegal to have), but just a random tin foil hat generally follows a parabolic shape and will focus right dead center in your brain.

Of course when it comes to an EMP discharge tin foil would be less than useful, I imagine if you're close enough to one it would have an effect very similar to tinfoil in the microwave (which is pretty spectacular, but... not recommended)

ummm since when is it illigal to own a book ? i have many versions of the jolly roger and the anarcist cook book, the army has its own version they give away to soldiers for free !
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