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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

This senseless bickering over if it works or not is fruitless and silly.

2 door ..... the sensless bickering is all the fun LOL ! srs....

if it were not for a milion pages of sensless bickering ...... i would not have tried it.

only been running 100:1 for 2 days and all i can say so far is that i have some minor four stroking now all across the carbs range, a veryy little off idle to 1/4, some from 1/2 to 3/4, and a lot at WOT... seems like the more the venturi opens the more it four strokes, seems like new jets are i order, i am running a 70 so i will start by gong down one size on the main and retunning the air fuel mix screw. should clear up a lot of it, i dont think its so bad i need to go down more than2 jet sizes or have to change out pilot jets.

as for preformance ..... eeeerrrrr welll i cant tell yet its not tunned propperly anymore, but it feels like it will have a bit more throttle responce once it is tunned..... i just get that feeling from the way its running now, also with smaller jets i expect slightly better gas milage, i havent put enough miles o it for a tear down and its not tunned. but once its dialed in and i put a few hundred miles on it, i plan to tear it down and take some photos for you all and for my self to show how well this oil does in a high comp modded motor that gets beat on at high rpms.
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