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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Take the bus baby!

There is no way I would be riding a bike in the dark during holiday season with all kinds of crazed drunks and people inna big hurry to get somewhere fast that their buddy just texted them on the phone.

my motor bike does 40 ! i can keep up with any trafic in my aria ! and a 500 lum cree led headlight is brighter than a cars high beam its hard to look at from even 20ft away! i even have a 300 lum red cree led tail light thats as bright as an aftermarket custom tail light ! i also where my army back pack that has a huge reflective stripe across the back i am verry visable and with a strait pipe ... loud ! i know poeple can hear me even through closed windows !

this was on purpouse ! and it made me madder than i have been in a very long time !

what kind of person just decides that there going to run a man legaly riding a moped off the road ! what goes though there mind ? why would some one do that ? eeeeeerrrrrrrrr aaaaahhhhhhhhh ! damn it !!!!!!!

could you imagine just cutting off a bike and running it off the road for fun ? what is wrong with people !
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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