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Default ignorant drivers thread !!!!

oh my god it can be just me..... today makes the second time i have been run off the road on purpouse !!!!

i pull up to a t intersection first at the lights right at the T at a red light and a green mini van pulls up behind me, i know he sees me i have a 500 luminant led head light and a 300 luminant led tail light, i know he hears me i run a strait pipe !!!! loud as **** !!!!! so the light turns green and i stick out my hand to signal left and take off pretty darn fast wile turnning left, i mean i took off faster than the average car driver would and then suddenly out of my left eye i see the green van comming at me from my left !!!! W.T.F !!!! is he trying to pass me on the left wile i make a left turn ????? wow he is on the wrong side of the road !!!!! as i get onto the main road he pulls on to the main road beside me from the wrong side of the road, we are side by side and he starts pushing me into the parked cars on the right so he can get on the right side of the road in the single lane! he couldnt pass me in time cause he was in the wrong side of the road and traffic was comming, so he swearves hard at me and drives me right into the side of a car, i swearved into the parked car so as not to be his by his moving one ! now he slows down like hes gloating or something and toying with me cause i am still on my bike and now driving behind him MAD AS **** ! and he is driving slow on purpouse !!! slower than 20 in a 30 mph zone !!! hes doing it to tick me off !!! he cut me off on the left hand side wile i was turnning left at a T and then pushed me off the road and now hes driving slow to tease me !!! so i rev it up and pull up beside him and right when i get beside him i see his window is down and hes leanning out ward already to say something like he was waiting for me !!!! at first i just say w.t.f dude whats whrong with you ? why would you cut off some one on a moped wile making a left turn at an intersection ? i was politew cause when i looked in i saw a wife in the other seat an a young kid in the back..... his responce..... well ashole you shouldnt even be on the road go drive on the sidewalk....... BOOOOOM !!!! my mind just let go ....... i called him a fat ignorant #@$##@@ and told him that i am riding a street legal moped and i was right where i was supposed to be ! and told him that he was a #@@#$% for purpously cutting me off on the left side wile making a left turn and knowingly forcing me into a parked car and then toying with me after, at this point his wife was looking down at the floor like she knew he was tottay wrong and she looked verry uncomfortable, felt real bad for swearing like that in front of his wife and kid but he was just so arrogant and ignorant it blew my lid i couldnt believe it ! he responds with slamming on his breaks and saying yeh you wanna go ? you wanna go ? pull over pull over ! he actually is trying to get me to fight him in front of his child ! i inform him that i am already pulled over and that he was an idiot ! he says again you want me to get out and kick your ass you want me to beat your face and exe exe exe... thats when i realize that i am still whereing a 5 ft length of supper heavy dutie 1 in thick motorcycle chain with a big old master lock on the end folded around my wile he is egging me on to fight him i grab the big enormous chain i use a a motorcycle lock from around my neck and hold it up with my right arm and i dont even have to say a word, his wife waves for him to take off franticly and he looks dead at me with a thousand yard stare or something and peals off wile staring me down !

i am litteraly still shaking with anger !!! you know that feeling of that adrenalin rush you get ... fight or flight and your whole body shakes just before a fire fight or a bad fight sintuation ? i am still coming down off that and still in disbeliefe !!!!

today a man tried to cut me of wile taking a left turn at a T intersection and then forced me off the road and then toyed with me after when he saw i didnt fall down or crash ! then he drove slow and waited for me to pull up beside him so that he could instigate a fight !

what is wrong with people !

since i have been riding mountain bikes and road bikes i have been hit by 4 cars, lady looking at and sipping a coffie hit me on a sidewalk pulling out of d&d, foringe guy ran a stop sign and hit me crossing in a crosswalk, pick up truck hit me head on ! wrong side of the road wile texting on his phone !, lady in a lincon side swipped me knocking me off my brand new shwinn 29er and drove away, and since i have been riding a motor bike i have been run down 2 time on purpouse !

i am almost ready to give up ! really i cant take this any more ! and after the insident i had the other day when my hub locked up ... i really am almost ready to start taking the bus !!!! i honestly dont think i can handle this ! mas drivers are insane ! it cant be like this every where !

it cant be just my luck .... srs... if you have had things like this happen to you plz share it with us ... i would like to here your story and maybe i can learn something from it .

tomorrow i am buying a helmat cam no F-ing questions about it ! i need evidence to share with the police !!!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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