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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle vs EMP

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Cool thought, CT.

I was thinking cross promotion because it would be easier to sell. (trade mention of our movie in their commercial for what your suggesting) Not sure any manufacturer or supplier would pay up front for something as insane as this, snork

Be really cool if that would work.

What other zombie and zombie related products are there that we could exploit? (Hank Hill moment, there)

You'd be surprised. After all, look at the "B" movies they are making and release straight to able lately.. "Sharknado," "Avalanche Sharks" and so on.

Another approach would be to find a university that does screen/film/makeup etc courses for the industry. Find the right prof and bunch of students who need a 'thesis' equivalent production at the end of thier school year. They'll do all the technical work.
Then you find local (to that university) businesses, not big international chains. Fewer levels of approval for the product usage.

For example (using my region) we'd approach Univ. of B.C. or Simon Fraser Univ. for the people. Then we'd go looking for 'local' businesses, like "Granville Island Brewing" or "Whistler Brewing". Maybe a restaurant chain like "De Dutch", of course you'd have to have a coffee company like "Seattle's Best" (Tim's and Starbucks are too big, remember). A local silkscreen printing company for t-shirts (marketable after the movie is realeased, too).

And so on...

(I think about things way too much sometimes)


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