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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Intrepid Wheelwoman View Post
My word Roger I'm glad you're here to be able to talk about your close shave. I think tonight there will be a lot of forum members busy with checking over their coaster hubs for faults.
yep and this is what you should be looking for !!!!!!!!!

1 there was excesive wear on the break shoes themselves but hard to see from the low quality photo
2 the pad snapped from the shock of a simple and normal pressure back pedal, i guess a normal back pedal at 35mph is probably placing 5-10 times the force on the pads it normaly would at 10mph lol
3 when the pad broke the smaller piece slipped out of the spring and cup and flipped up sideways and gouged into the inner wall of the hub causing extreem gouging and scoring and nearly instantly siezed the wheel ! you want to cheack for scoring of the hubs inner wall when regreasing and going over your coaster hub ! excessive scoring in only one spot could mean the pads are not contacting correctly with there full surface aria.
4 the broken pad smashed the spring that squeezes them them together and snapped it. you want to make shure that spring is not worn and has pleanty of elastisity.

this was just a generic coaster hub IE shimano 110 style..... its a hub a lot of people use so pay attention to it and i recomend a over haul every 1,000 miles !!!! lol if i had done one at 1,000 miles i would have seen that the pads were worn and were grinding a score into the hub wall and i could have replace the pads and sanded the hub wall smooth with scotch bright and saved myself a lot of trouble and a rear hub !

most hub aare similar unless you have seaed multiple gears but most are just like this, some may have 3 or 4 pads some have 2 but the designe is similar and if a pad breaks at 30 - 40mph.......... you better have been drinking red bull cause your going to need wings !!!!!

luckily i only have a small bruise on my knee where it smashed the gastank when the pedals locked up and spun with and at the speed of the tire ! its when i tried to pull the clutch in and break by back pedaling when all the fun happened lol !

edit....... i honestly can not believe i did not fall..... it was the longest skid i ever did in my life, in the snow tooo ! well aside from in a car on pourpose but lol thats another story. it was like in my head i was thinking ahhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ahhhhhhhh goooooona faaaaaaaaaall gooooona faaaaaaaaaaal aaaahhhhhh here it comes..... gona faaaaaall .......... never happened lol i stayed up the whole time with some creative front breaking ! it was like i just kept going in a slow mow long ars skid.... LOL
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here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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