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Originally Posted by mirage View Post
how to make a vertical recoil pull starter, so that the pull cord is at 90 degrees, so you can start the bike while in motion and coming to a hill, this you cant do on the normal system, yes it is better if you turn the recoil housing one screw hole forward but it cuts the cord, i use steel cable on mine. SO take off the starter, draw round it on a piece of cardboard ie cereal carton. mark the holes ect, now move the starter on the cardboard round till it is the vertical postion, ie handle pull at the top. now draw round it again making an allowance for the new lugs, mark the holes again, cut it out, as a template, offer it up the the engine to check it is correct, now find a bit of ally sheet about 1/8 in thick, on nylon or plastic sheet, and make the adapter plate, then fix the stater two it, and you have a new perfect position starter, i will tell you how to fasten the steel cable to the pulley, with a simple nipple trick no one has thought of.
If you can post a picture to help, thanks!

I just took my starter cord and put an electrical cord strain relief part with the inside clamp part removed on a cover on my motor bike. It is to allow my starter cord to go through a cover and be where I can pull it to start and it does not abrade the cord. I thought I would need to lengthen the cord, but my engine starts easy and I have a primer bulb on the carburetor too. The cord does go at an angle, but not much resistance. I only have about 18 inches I can pull on the cord unless I lengthen the cord.

Page 16 Post 153 the two pictures

Need not read the text there is a lot I know.... but FYI it is temporarily showing the long exhaust being tested shown in the picture and is for later multipurpose use as art vehicle to look like a fish. It is gonna be to keep fumes far away from art cover for safety.

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