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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Getting that 'bacon frying' sound is critical to a good weld with a MIG machine. Once you've got it you're on your way. Arc length, or maintaining it is also an important factor along with wire feed speed. That takes practice and the more you weld, the better you'll weld.

Good post. Thanks.

Once you've got it you're on your way. Arc length, or maintaining it is also an important factor

Wanna say this rhymes a lot with me.

Having a Lincoln 220. at home I sometimes on a cold piece of steel get away with a hot setting and vice verse. When I welded on something too long .. Stop and air cool it. If it was a big project then I would stitch weld it in. Like car panels etc. Arc length should come naturally to any body if they make friends with the machine IMO and machines have different personalitys.

At work where I was welding mufflers that 110 volt unit would go past duty cycle and arc length changes. Work now with a big 220.. boy howdy you can go none stop. ''Duty cycle''.

I get that welder often and I am on too hot of a setting. ''just too lazy to switch it'' and change my arc timing bingo looks great! Some machines don't have enough fine tune settings in my opinion for certain projects then timing is sweet art for the meek lol....

I the metal you are working with IME is too hot..stop and let it cool. Your timing will go wacky on you other wise and make you blow through get bat poop and make junk!? Too much heat will warp your work as well.

A car panel for instance with me would be stitch welded . Think of a pattern for wheel lug nuts. One here One there get the sides ''to a point'' air cool it rinse and repeat. Most of my big projects I still think this way ''Stitch''
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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