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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Thank you very much for the tip, jared8783.
I have a Snap-On 120V gas only rig (made by Astro in Italy).

There are no markings what so ever for the speed dial.
Perhaps I should replace the knob on it for one that has an indicator and draw up my own hash marks on the face of the machine. This way I could create my own reference chart.

I usually have a tendency of over penetration or blow through on thinner metal, like 1/8" or thinner. It will burn through sheet metal like a butane pencil torch on note book paper.

I really want to get a Miller or Hobart rig. They just seem to work better but alas, I don't have the budget for a new one anymore.

I have gotten much better at connecting a bunch of little dot spot welds together without creating much warping, but the bead looks like a 3 year old welded it while wearing Scooby Doo sunglasses.
I really like my angle grinder and flap discs!
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