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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
This is why I wish I had a pedal controller for the wire speed on my MIG

Originally Posted by el Diablo Guapo View Post
when you move away from the work, the voltage drops, and so does the heat.
This is something of a solution to what you are saying GearNut. Just in an opposite way. Dropping the wire speed has a similar effect as raising the volts, and vise versa. While this isn't the "intended" way to use a mig welder, it works quite well for me. Instead of tuning in your machine with the tip a 1/2' from the work piece, set it at 3/4" and tune the machine in for the metal you are welding. That allows you to push in further raising the volts and effectively increasing penetration when you may be on a joint that requires it.

That's how I weld all day every day, with a 480v monster of a mig though. At home with my 240v made in 1985 the concept seems to work just as well. You have to move the wire in and out slowly or the wire may start popping. You learn your limits.
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