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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

LOL! now I gotta label them boxes.

"spare parts that I haven't needed yet"

One of the coolest things I have ever built was a throttle actuator. All from "junk" parts. Funny thing was I did it backwards. So it started with full throttle.

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Removed the governor. Built a really cool and elaborate throttle with great/perfect back tension. It had a pulley wheel guide. It was perfect and looked cool. I finished every thing today and carried the point beach/honda/grubee up from the celler. So dang proud of my self. Then I grabbed the pull cord and had that old fimaliure thought and feeling. "What if it won't start" Imeaditaly followed by; "what if it does" Snork.

It roared to life on the first pull. Then just went full bore. Smoke came from the gear box and the rear tire spun madly. I quickly shut it down. I turned the idle screw down and fired her back up. Same thing.....

Go look up the carb in the manual. Nuton. Look all over the carb and feel with my hands looking for some mechinisum to slow it down. Nuton.

Carol is looking on with great pity and concern and offers to hold the bike while I try to start it again. As I bend to give her a yank (the bike, not Carol), it dawned on me. I fire her up and twist the throttle. She calms right down. My Beautiful and awesome throttle assembly is bassackwards.
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