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Default dialing in your welder feed rate setting

dialing in the right feed rate is critical to getting good welds when using any of the wire feed methods

we were doing some welding in the shop today (non motor bike related) and showing a non-fabber person some welding tips and we used one i had not used for a while, which can be most helpful in achieving the correct settings

it takes a friend, though

set up some practice material similar to the material you will use for your finished project

-set the amperage level to where it should be (use the chart or a good guess)

-have your friend attempt to run a bead, tell them not to stop as you adjust and to try to keep the tip about 1/2" off the work

-WHILE THEY ARE WELDING slowly change the feed rate. LISTEN to the sound the welder is making - the proper sound does in fact sound quite even and much like bacon frying

- when you feel the sound is even trade places with your assistant and give it a try

we tried this with both the MIG setup and the flux core rig we have with good results- even the flux core machine can do a nice even weld when it dialed in...
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