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Default Re: don't need any help

I had to laugh as I read your post. Picture me getting the bike all put together, being so thrilled to finally being ready to test it. I go down the road, let the clutch out and bang!
That stupid thing went into my spokes so bad that I had to park the bike for the night so that I could buy a new wheel the next day.
By this point I'm thinking that I made a huge mistake buying this "stupid carp" engine kit. Next day I put new wheel on and even drill a little hole through the bracket and into the frame and threaded a small bolt into it so that it cannot move into the spokes again.........but it did.....another wheel needed.
I took that thing and fired it into the garbage, cut the chain and am lucky to have adjustment by sliding the wheel backwards in it's little slot on the frame. Not all bikes have this option.
I've worked on cars for most of my life but I could never figure out what I did wrong.
Man, when I look at some of the picks with enough chain for two bikes it drives me nuts figuring out why it works for them.
Please be careful though because if the chain is too loose, it will fall of the sprocket on the engine and bunch itself up inside that little cover. I was so afraid of breaking the engine case when it happened to me that I peddled home that day.
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