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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I scavenged off of saved junker bikes some Dia-Compe hand brake parts. They look more sturdy than the ones I have and the little adjuster threads are not bent or made of plastic. I don't know if on production motorcycles the brake handle on the twist grip throttle side is the same length as the other sides hand brake. I mention this as the twist grip throttle takes up maybe an inch an a half distance the hand brake has to reach near the end of the grips. This makes me think its not allowing the riders right hand to grab brake as well. This being due to the lump of the twist grip throttle offsetting where the brake lever is positioned. I thought I had the Dia-Compe levers being longer and I would mix and match hand brake levers, but they were the same length as the cheaper made ones on my bike. It is just the Dia-Compe were more rugged. I will put them on at some point as it is an off road motor (call it bike), but there are no pedals as it is licensed only as OHV registered.


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