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Default Re: Lucky find! 110cc motorcycle engine, CHEAP!

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I've mostly been thinking about it and setting aside donor parts.

What I'm pretty well settled on is the use of an inverted Grumman canoe for the body, a 200 CC (or thereabouts) electric start Honda clone linked to a CVT transmission, a motorcycle frame with rear wheel for the rear portion of the drive train. This will be a big project and worthy of long thought before anything is cut, welded, etc. I'd like to be able to run it legally as a motorcycle.
you will be more happy with the 110 3 speed modded up than you will be with the honda 200 or preddy 212 with a cvt, the 110 clone motor revs higher and has more power out the box than the preddy212 does and it has 3 speed tranny ! i think you would be more happy with that motor modded with a big boar kit 125cc and the 3 speed tranny than you would ever be with a 200cc auto, i hav run bolth motors in many differant configurations and let me tell you the 110 modded up will out rev out speed and out torque a preddy 212 with the same amount of money and work ito it ! that motor is specificaly designed to be run in mopeds, atv, atc, and dirt bikes... wear as the honda gx 160 and 200 and its clones are not they are made for equipment... they can be made quite powerfull with the right mods and transmition but will cost more than just using what you have and the end result wont be as good in my honest opinion.

put it this way .... i have a little honda atc 70cc version of that motor with a few mods and even in that heavy 3 wheeler frame it will blow away the average preddy 212 go kart or equivelent !!!! it wheelies no problem and goes about 45mph ! its only a 70cc version of that motor and it clearly has far more power than a 200cc honda gx style motor with cvt or centrifugal clutch.... you can even get a 4 or 5 speed manual clutch conversion kit for this type of motor.
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