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Default Re: Lucky find! 110cc motorcycle engine, CHEAP!

Originally Posted by placidscene View Post
I was driving back home from Lowes today and saw a moving sale sign. I figured the sale was over because it was mid day on Sunday, but I figured I'd check it out cause it was only 1 block from my house.
I pulled up in front of the drive and the first thing I see, right by the road, was a small motorcycle engine.
I thought he would be asking too much for it, but When I walked up to it, the guy came right out and said he'd take $25 for it!... So, I brought it home.
I figured at that price, I couldn't lose.
He said it is a 4 stroke 110cc with a 3 speed transmission and electric start!
When I got it home, I hooked a battery up to the starter, and it cranked right over!
Later, i built a quick motor stand so i could work on it and test it. then I took a spare motorized bicycle cdi and figured out which wires to connect to get spark.
I put a little fuel in the carb bowl and got it to fire.
I need to hook up a fuel tank, and see if I can get it to run now.

The motor is a Kikker 5150. Anyone familiar with them?
Will a china girl cdi work, or do I need something else?
good god man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wow what a find !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all you need is a new set of rings and some minor porting and baaam !!!! you got the greatest small engine on this earth !!!!!!

the honda and clone 50 to 150cc motors are the best small motors on this planet !!! they are indistructable and will run forever ! there is also a slew of insane mods you can do if your into that and lots of aftermarket preformance mods and parts ! even an oil cooling system !

wow 25$ man !!! wow just wow !!!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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