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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Sounds like a plan, no need for the ramping up to the 100:1 in my opinion because with a well tuned carb it isn't gonna matter because many of us have already proven that it will work just fine from the very first start of a new engine all the way up to several thousand mils with zero oil related failures, I say dont be concerned about reinvent ing the wheel here, we've already tested the water and its just fine to just jump on in and!

If your engine is in good mechanical condition, mix up some 100:1 fire that sucker up do a couple of plug chops to make sure you have the carb jet correct and ride the poop out of it and enjoy.


lol i am gonna ! lol i have half a 12 oz bottle of husqvarna hp race oil left, but i am going to brave up and put my big boy pants on and go get a case of opti 2 pakets from ace near my house, forget all that gradual mixing i am just going to go strait from my usual 25:1 to 100:1 !!!!

good god am am going to have a few days of carb retunning to do lol ! but i got a jet kit for the yamaha pw 80 carb and i have everything i need including main jets, 2 differant main emusifacation tubes, idle jets, new needles, o rings, and even spare float needles ..... so .....

i know i can retune this carb to run any mix from 15 to 1 all the way to 150 to 1 lol its just a PITA to do it lol i know how to carb tune well its just i hate doing it and i am nervous about running 100:1 when i am soo used to tunning and running motors on 25 to 32 to 1 !

i am running about 13:1 compression and a nkg R plug # br6hs( the r is a resistor type plug) and its the perfect color and heat range ! ohhh man i really am dreading retunning but it will be worth it ... hopefully i can get a smidget more power from the motor given the fact that i am going to be runnng 4 times less oil now witch means more gas in the chamber and more power per stroke given there will be more fuel per stroke to burn. i just pray this oil is as good as all the testimony i have heard, and all the photos of jugs i seen are true lol cause it feels wrong lol

but hey 100 motorbicyclers and a slew of lawn care professionals have testimony to prove it works so .... it must be true and also i have recently found a karter who ran 100:1 oti 2 to test it out and ... well he had no pics but ... he seemed sincear about it and honest saying that it ran well but needed a smaller main jet and it ran a little hotter, he said the tempature increase and rejetting were worth it because the throttle responce gained was noticablely increased, he said it was crisper and quicker and just seemed better, although he didnt mention any power or speed increase he did comment on how his motor was building less carbon and reved up faster witch is important in karting as you need to get up to your tunned max rpm range as quick as possable to get up to speed and torque.

i am just going to have to go against my intution and just do it, well off to ace hardware tomorrow !
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