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Default Re: Need Advise On New Build?

Originally Posted by toker_ace View Post
thats interesting about the jackshaft. seems like your top speed would increase dramatically.but, come to think of it ....the highest gear on your bike is about the same size as the sprocket that comes with the kit. Hmmm? so, really all your gaining with the jackshaft is torgue. but, probably you wound't have to use all your gears to take off from a standstill. because those little 80cc will almost take off anyway.. wee.
You're gaining a "HUGE" amount of versatility with the shift kit, especially if you ride in a hilly area. These engines unmodified only produce 3 +/- horsepower. The ability to downshift makes the kit! With the available HP no amount of gearing is going to make you go faster after a certain point.

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