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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

When I see statements like this, it's pretty clear that there's nothing anyone could say that would reassure you, regardless of their experience or application...

...which is ok, you shouldn't run anything that makes you uncomfortable, no one here is selling anything, no one here is trying to convince you otherwise.

If a thousand some odd post thread isn't enough, a few more won't make a difference & you've clearly skipped & skimmed over some of it's content - for example 100:1 mixes aren't anything new or revolutionary, synthetics designed for just that have been around for nearly forty years now & major manufacturers such as Yamaha not only use it in preformance applications such as racing but in their commercial offerings as well, their oil injection systems preset at the factory you'll void your warranty if you try and alter it or even just run a richer premix.

...but again none of this really matters, text on a screen is hardly reassuring when it comes to a lovingly hand built engine and that's understandable. I would strongly suggest just doing a bit more research - knowing the 100:1 debate has been going on for what's getting close to a half century now and to take both it's advocates & detractors with a (large) grain of salt. Then if you should so choose, experimenting yourself with a less valued engine just to see where it gets ya... like these cheapo two stroke kits, which they're pretty much perfect for.

Is 100:1 worth the concern? Well, aside from using less oil & thus less build-up there's really no significant preformance difference between it and any other quality oil at whatever ratio the manufacturer recommends for their product - so no, if you're that skeptical and distrustful of the experience already offered, there's nothing anyone is going to be able to say to mollify your fear, nor should they.

Try it or don't & to each their own - I'll only run 100:1 in my 'smokers, but I've been using it for years in all sortsa stuff (dirtbikes, ultralight aircraft, outboards, etc) & have learned to trust it utterly, but that sort of trust isn't going to come from stranger's testimonials so it's up to you at this point
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