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a little background... i raced karts all 125 to 150cc 2 bangers for a few years and my whole life has been spent on 3 wheelers ! i have been riding and restoring and selling / swaping vintage honda act 3 wheelers for a long long time and when you custom build and restore something as beautifull as a frame up resto and custom modded 250r air cooled 2 stroke 3 wheeler into a chromed out 310 stroker with a 12 in extended swing arm and extra wide axle and aluminum mags .... you tend to want to run the best of everything in it and want to baby it lol when you spend 50 to 100 hours building a kart motor and know its going to turn srs rpms and are and old school thinking kinda guy .... you run castor oil 25-30 to 1 lol i have that old school thinking and its hard to let go.

i need some solid evidence opti 2 at 100:1 can hold up to that kind of srs abuse before i swap out and give it a try. i am sort of hard set in the old ways lol

i have run opti 2 at 40 to 1 just fine but am not prepared to go to 100:1 mix ratio just yet

if some one could come on this thread and say hey i raced sutch and sutch a motor with opti 2 at 100 to 1 at the track for the last 6 race events and here are the photos of the cylinder wall and piston skirt afterwards....... i would bow down and pony up on the 100:1 band wagon, that would be hard evidence it stands up to the test of the track, but as of now, i have yet to hear of a single person in my life racing any kind of preformance 2 stroke at 100 to 1
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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