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Default Re: New guy from Illinois

not sure on gas tanks, things you do want to do is mix the oil and gas properly. I know a lot of people like going light on oil for higher performance. most of the people that have problems with their motors are the ones that try to make them high performance. I suggest use what is recommended with your motor. I am 220lbs and had no problem with the bigger motor. difference in the smaller and bigger one is the bigger one was designed to haul things so it has more torgue, speed wise they are about the same. motorized bicycles are fun, I had as much fun with my 2 stroke 66cc motor that cost me less then 200 as I do with my 48v electric which cost me close to 2g by the time I finished. if I were to go back in time I would start with the less expensive set up because I learned most so much from it. build your motorized bike and enjoy it, its a dream come true for most of us, we all dreamed when kids of having a motor on our bicycles. we put cards and everything else on the spokes just to make it sound like we did, for me my bikes have been the fountain of youth.
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