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Default Re: New guy from Illinois

Thanks Paul!
I've been thinking this over for a few months and was considering building cheap the first time (just to see if I like playing with it) and then maybe building a 2nd better bike.
I guess I should cover what bike options I am thinking over.
I would like to use a stretch cruiser like a Micargi Puma or Mustang but for my first try I'll probably go with an inexpensive standard frame 1speed beach cruiser.
I am a heavy guy (260lbs) so I had planned on going with at least a 66cc engine and 40 tooth sprocket. Where I live it is nice and flat and I don't plan on doing any racing so I don't need it to accelerate too quickly...just get me around town at a decent speed.
One thing that I really do not like is the stock teardrop gas tanks that seem to come with all of the kits. I've looked around online and, except for the expensive custom made tanks I haven't really seen any other options...short of making my own. If it comes to that I have a feeling that my bike will wind up with a 5L mini beer keg for a gas tank.
I guess I better get busy and start reading through the forums.
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