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alright guys i have a question here and a real good one too......

back in my karting days, 125cc and 150cc air and liquid cooled kart motors comer and rotax carts and even yamaha karts motors, i ran 20:1 and 25:1 some times even 32:1 depending on weather and track conditions. i ran those mixes reguardless of what type of oil was going through it. those motors turned upward of 15,000 and over rpms ! the mix of 20 to 1 was to keep things lubed up when racing at WOT engine ripping at 15,000 rpms non stop for an hour around the track and i never had a problem ! then were tunned and set to run perfect at that ratio.

i am under the impression that opt 2 would run fine at 100 to 1 in a small weed eater or similar motor with a max rpm of like 5,000 to 7,000.... the more rmps you turn the more oil you need to force through the motor to prevent friction and heat, the faster the motor turns the more oil per oz is needed ! i would not dare run opti 2 at 100 to 1 in my old rotax 125 race motor ! no way hoseay ! i just refuse to believe that 100:1 mix is enough oil to keep a high end 125cc high comp race motor lubed up !

i dont believe there is any way in **** that if i went back to the race with my old kart and ran opti 2 at 100:1 through it, that i would even fininsh the race ! i am almost certain that the motor would sieze up within the first 20 min of turning 15,000 rpms. i just dont believe that 100:1 is enough oil to stand up to real high rpm and tight tolerance punnishment like that no matter how good it is !

i have had close calls with over heating and scoring of the cylinder running caster oil at 20 to 1 ! even running amsoil 25 to 1 ! there is no way opti 2 is that mutch better or that good that it could hold up to high temp and long run times at 15,000 rpms without damaging that type of motor. i mean most newer kart motors are electronicay limited to 16,000 rpms but can turn even higher !

but judging by the experiances people have had on this forum.... it would seem to run fine at 100:1 in our loose tolerance small bore 60-70cc china motors turning around 8,000 rpms max, thats half the rpms of what a real 2 banger kart motor turns, and the tolerances are probably twice as loose too so thats why i believe the 100 to 1 mix you are all using is working fine for you.

i would love to hear from some one who is honestly running opti 2 at 100 to 1 in a motor that is turning some srs rpms ! i mean i want to hear from a person running a hopped up high comp china girl at the track and races, and runs opti 2 100 to 1 at 10,000 rpms wide the fack open the whole time and see what they have learned and gained from it .

i want to know if opt 2 at 100 o 1 mix can hold up to over 10,000 rpms for extended periods of time at the race track, as of now i simply do not believe it can, i do think its fine for a weed eater or a stockish china girl turning under 8,000 most of its life though, i just dont think it could stand up to the super high rpms for any length of time. i have never heard of any high preformance race kart or race motor ever .... ever .... running 100:1 mix of anything LOL ! almost all super high end and high rpm 2 bangers run close to 20:1 to 30:1, i mean the least amount of oil i have ever seen some one run at the track has been newbs running 50 to 1 cause they didnt know any better and some one told them to mix 2 stroke oil at that ratio.

has anyone run opti 2 at 100 to 1 in a high preformance race motor at the track ?
has anyone run opti 2 at 100 to 1 in a motor that turns 10,000 to 15,000 rpms on the regular ?
if so let me know cause i have never in my whole time spent karting have ever heard of that. i have heard of 100:1 mix ... just not for high end race aplications .... does opti 2 hold up to this ?

just sayin............ i wouldnt dare run any one of thease kart motors at 100:1............ ever.......... would you ??? in a china girl... umm yeh who care lol its only a 100$ motor and a new jug and piston is only 30$..... so who cares but the china girl has sutch loos tolerances and turns sutch a low rpm that it will probably run just fine at 100 to 1.
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