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Default Re: New member wants to add motor to homebuilt trike

Congrats on your trike, ah it sounds heavy & killer. Though my advice on motorizing it might seem elementry, there are rules of thumb if you plan to engineer a motor assist to your sweet trike. I have made my own motorized bicycle. This was my idea, it is kinda simple. Find out what PI means. You will need a gear reduction system tied to a small hp engine. I built my own gear box with what I believe were four pulleys; 2 on 1 shaft, 1 on the other & 1 on the engine output shaft. Mine ran front tire by a hardware small lawnmower tire and a 4 cycle weedeater motor. I was long winded, but it did run for a good year, 12 years ago. You can buy new used motors in 2.5 hp range cheap. Go for it. Using the internet for advice and parts will bring you up to date on the timed tried motto of: [submit your answer here]
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