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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

The Cable is a Triple strand Triple twist, made on a cable strand lathe at my Dads,
there is 120 lbs used to pull the cable in order to make it straight and not curl up this cable is very strong and I got 100 ft of left over, my Dad actually use's it for modern Disc Brake conversion on vintage cars and a thicker version for parking brake cable.

I make the cable stops in a mold, pin the cable about 1/2" from the end so the cable doesn't separate and use silver for the stop/pull ball.

Danschutz I didn't have much Experience either when I started, but soon started gathering a Ton of info here on this forum and then started incorporating some Ideas and knowledge of automotive from Lots & Lots of research and found out a long time ago "If you like what you do you'll be good (if not XLNT ) at whatever it is you like" and I like this stuff, lots of frustration and I'm still learning but having fun!

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