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Default Re: New member wants to add motor to homebuilt trike

yes, the steering was kind of a challenge, so instead of expensive stabilizers, like on the front of a car, I actually have bungee cords counteracting the wobble. One of the first prototypes, was hard to control anything over 5 mph's now, as long as you hang on! you can easily do 15 maybe 20, but no sharp turns or it will roll. The main drive wheel, was larger, but it was higher than the back, so I couldn't get traction up hill, I put a smaller 20" drive wheel, but I only have one speed, gearing is a problem I'm really hoping to find a 3 or 5 speed 20" drive wheel, with the old fashion internal gears, they're out there, but I don't have the $ to get one yet! It's a challenge up hills, that's why I want a motor assist. I also have a recumbent bike I love, but the hills we have kill my knees..
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