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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

just thought i would share this for all you winter snow and ice riders !

i know you have heard of zip tie snow chains but this is the chicken wire snow tire !

it combines the zip tie snow chain idea with a 2 inch strip of chicken wire or concrete wire mesh wrapped around your tire !

concrete wire mesh is 3.88 a roll at lowes and zip ties are not expensive ether so for around 10$ you can make some insanely good snow tires that grip to ice and packed snow like you would not believe !

1 first get some concrete wire mesh and cut a 2 inch strip the long way with tin snips
2 deflate your tire 50%
3 wrap the 2 in strip around your tire till it over laps itself by 1 inch
4 now zip tie the the mesh to the rim ether by going over the whole mesh and rim or by routing the zip tie through the holes in the mesh and into itself under the rim and pull the zip ties tight
5 reinflate your tire and you now have a snow tire with a band of 2 in wide steel mesh around it !

you can also use 3-4-5-6 in strips of mesh and space tham apart evenly if you do a lot of riding on clean roads and dont want exsessive wear on the metal and better breaking fom the bare tire spots.

ohh and blue goat woods.... a quick release front ski is pretty easy to make and remove, allong with the snow tire mentiond above, you would have a great snow bike that could be easily converted back, gearing is an issue though too. for those with a manic mechanic type adapter swapping sprockets is not a big deal at all.

so for the cost of 10$ at the hardwar store, a old scrap ski and some DIY brackets, and a new 50 pluss tooth sprocket.... you have a nice snow bike that can easily be converted back in a matter of an hour or so !
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