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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

alright my bike blast through the snow pretty good with the new knobie tires, but i need to tighten up my clutch flower nut and readjust the linkage and slack, the bike would fair a lot better with a studded rear tire and a ski on the front lol it a lil slippery at over 10 mph in snow over 2in thick. i think a front ski conversion would eliminate that and i would just keep the rear wheel for a drive wheel

i am also thinking of swapping out to a 55 or 58 tooth rear sprocket to get a lot more torque and keep the speed down to 20mph, right now with the 44 she wants to do 30 - 40 and the power band is to high to really ripp through the snow at a slower speed and 30 mph is out of the question here lol so i am now driving out of my power band and need to regear ! i think i want to do 20mph max in this snow and hard packed snow so i am thinking a 58 tooth will limmit me to around 20 and put my my midrange top end power band right at 10 - 20 mph the speed i am looking to do in this snow.

so aside from swapping out to a larger sprocket to slow my self down and gain lots of torque what are some great winter snow mods to do to make the bike preform better in the snow and ice ?

1 larger sprocket
2 studdd tires
3 front ski mod ?
4 k track ? anyone actually use one ?
5 trike rear end conversion ?
6 knoby tires

i think a motorized bike would do quite well with just a larger sprocket and a ski instead of a front tire, although that would be a minimum for a winter snow bike

a good set up would also be a trike conversion with studded knobies and a front ski, you deffinatly cant go wrong there lol you would have no worries of falling down !

could you imagine a trike conversion with dual k track rear tires !

the best snow bike i would have to say would be a full k track conversion with a shift kit !

am shooting for 58 tooth rear, front ski, and studded knoby tire. all i have to do is make up the ski for the front and stud my rear tire. i have a trike conversion kit but do not have the money for the hollow hub tire yet so its just sitting on the floor lol
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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