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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, Im a Newb.

Originally Posted by Chicocaliguy View Post
I'am new to this Forum. I just purchased a SD Stinger Engine kit from I also have a Schwinn Del Mar (Walmart) bike. I was wondering, and hoping that this will be compatible.
Also when opening this kit (which arrives today) are there any things I need to look for on the engine kit to make sure nothings wrong with it? Does anybody have any suggestions?
Hi Logan welcome to the forum.

Check if any parts got broken in shipping.

Check that all the case fasteners are correctly tightened.
Look in through the exhaust port with the piston down.
Check torque on head bolts are 12 foot lbs
Check that the flat head bolt on the bevel gear is tight and grease the gears on the clutch side.

I prefer to buy a quality used bike over a cheaper quality walmart bike.
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