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Default Re: is it legal and what do you guys think about 2 stroke off of amozon

I would seriously recommend you check your local laws regarding legal riding of a motorized bicycle. Most states require either a minimum age of 16 and/or a valid driver's license.

Even so, twelve years old, in many cases, is a little on the young side. They might look like toys but a vehicle capable of traveling in the 30mph range requires some experience and care. Knowledge of traffic laws and rules are also required for safe riding if the bike is ridden on any street or roads.
Are you asking about age for yourself or someone else?

Like was said above, there are no real 80cc engines. That figure is a marketing ploy, not actual engine displacement. The actual displacement is closer to 66cc. Most 2 stroke engine kits are all about the same, especially the ones sold on ebay or amazon. Stick with a seller with a good reputation for customer/after sale support.

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