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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

I just took a ride. It was to run an errand. But it also served as a 'test' commute now that there's a bunch of snow since the last time I motorized biked to work.

It was do-able. But it was a bit more scary than I'd anticipated.

In the places where the auto wheel ruts had frozen into hard-pack that was more than and inch or two deep it was difficult to control the bike.

My normal commute involves a good deal of sneaking around avoiding the main drag. In some places I simply couldn't ride. I had to go to the main road. Naturally, the cars all clumped around me. One idiot who had had a great chance to pass me chose not to, apparently, and sat behind me honking his horn.

That sort of stuff is just too nerve wracking. I'd have been happier on the pedal bike.

Likely this means that I'll still use the motorized bicycle no matter how cold it is.

But I'll likely use the pedal bike if there's any chance of frozen crap on the back roads.

That's not so bad. But I'd really like to demonstrate to myself that I can use the motorized bicycle year-round.

I'm close. But it seems as though there are limitations.
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