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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, Im a Newb.

We're glad you found us.

The Schwinn Del Mar. I can't quite remember if that's a multi-speed or a one speed, coaster brake bike. No matter, really. It's a beach cruiser and they're perfectly compatible with a 2 stroke china girl (also sometimes known as a 'happy time').

There are all sorts of tips and tricks for the newbie. The problem is that I don't trust myself to remember and write down all of them here.

But I can promise you that there is info here that you want. Having it will save you from making mistakes. It certainly helped me.

The best way to get it is to start reading threads. Click on any headline that looks interesting. Then read until the end or until you lose interest. Then click on another headline. You'll pick up info that you want and need.

Good luck and have fun.
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