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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

Yes. That second photo, in particular, looks scary.

A few hours ago I was thinking about the last time I hit the road, bodily, at speed and uncontrolled. It was a little over 23 years ago now. It hurt. But it didn't really matter a whole lot.

But now I'm closing in on 54 years old and I cannot afford to not be able to work. In a few years I'll have my house paid off. Then, I suppose, a broken bone won't be quite the catastrophe it would be right now. Though I'll bet it'll still be a headache.

If I'm going to insist on being a daily bicyclist --Yes. Until I get too frail for that.--, then I'd better insure against wipeouts just as much as I can.
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