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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

I do agree to a large extent, I've had occasion to regret my lack of studliness lol - note the tell tale skid in the first pic, not shown is the sidewise cartwheeling crash a split second later;

The second pic was a rare but interesting event, interesting in that due to the hard to see slope folks couldn't walk it very well, let alone drive a car on it as they'd slide sideways down the hill - I only made it across by straddling the bike & using it as a walker *shrug*

...but again, while I do reco to others to stud if they can, 'round here it's dry or it's crust, drifts & storms 99% of the time so it's a calculated risk to run w/o and it's been worth it...

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