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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

I know what you mean about studs, Barely Awake. The amount of time that they're actually in use is small. And considering their cost, it kinda feels lousy to ride them over bare asphalt.

I almost feel as though I can 'feel' those expensive studs wearing away. Bit by excruciating bit.

But I ride far more on hard-pack than I do on virgin snow. (for that reason the question of 'floaters' vs. 'diggers' is immaterial to me.) And they do give real traction on that. I'd no longer ride winter without them, now that I've tried them.

Last year was the first time I tried studs. One up front on my pedal bike. I was definitely impressed with my traction on ice. So I set up another front wheel with a standard, knobby tire on it. I figured that switching wheels for that day's particular conditions would be a snap.

But then I found myself trying to calculate how much ice to expect every day. I'd make a decision and then worry about whether it was the right one. As winter was getting old, there came a day when the Sun came out and a whole lot of melting occurred. Lot's of water all over the road. As the Sun got lower I realized that a lot of ice had formed all over the place. And there I sat with non-studs on my bike. I had to swallow my pride and ask a co-worker for a ride home. Then drive back to work and pick up my bike! Aaargh!

So I learned my lesson. The studs went back on the bike and stayed there. The devil with cost.

That one tire was still in good shape at the end of ice season. It went on the back of my motor bike. It'll get through this winter. And maybe the next, if I'm lucky. And ride easy.

I bought two more studded tires this summer. One is now on the front of the motorized bicycle and the other is on the front of the pedal bike. And they'll be there until the threat of ice goes away.

I simply could not ride without them. I'd be able to get by most days with my pedal bike. But I wouldn't dare try it motorized if there's any hard-pack on the roads.
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