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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

What size & type of tires used in adverse conditions is and has always been a hotly debated topic, I for one prefer a narrower knobby tire with lots of small lugs spaced somewhat far apart for the icy snow type stuff. As CTripps mentioned, cutting through the accumulation instead of trying to "float" over it.

It's tricky, each different surface really does require something different from your tires - but it's more the bottomless sand, mud & glop you'll find off-roading that the big floater tires excel in, if you can cut to the bottom then you're usually better off with diggers (classic off-roading philosophy, debated nonetheless)... making it even more debatable is it all depends on the vehicle's weight as well, there's little point in trying to make a tank float lol

In fact one of my own personal particularities is I don't bother with studs in bicycle tires - while I don't advise against them (get 'em if ya can), in practical everyday application I've found there's just not enough weight on the contact patch to have them cut in, the perfect glare ice they might help with so rare it's just not worth my effort/expense... and that lack of contact pressure would be only made worse w/floaters.

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