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Default Re: how many people from uk on here.

Howdy Poloste.

Our host posted this to help find folks from an exact area;

Originally Posted by paul View Post
here is how you do it. on the top of forum under the banner is a row of comands usercp, faq, ect.

1>click on the 3rd one that says members list
2>top right of the box of members is a box that says search members. click on the down arrow and click advanced search
3>on the new page type in the location you are looking for and click search now and all members that gave thier location that matches your search will apear.

hope this helps. 44 members from maine
This is a fascinating UK build. Dougy not only built a really cool motorized bicycle, he also got her registered. Great read and pictures.

Best of luck with your endeavor and please post how it goes!
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