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Default Re: how many people from uk on here.

Hi thanks for the replys. I had forgotten about transformer cycles. I currently runn a china girl in the uk and have done for about 6 months now and all is well although I only ride out of town well away from the plod. I can see why the guy u speak of went through it all to legalize his bike. (He is not the only one by the way) I would love to legalize mine simply because I love riding it because its different and fun amd I dont get that from a propper motorcycle. I find if you tune the china girls right they dont smoke much at all unless u let them sit and idle and oil up then they smoke alittle until its burnt off and as for noise I have a sbp expansion chamber on my bike and unless im running flat out its not too loud at all. I just love these things and would love to expand my hobby into a small business. But u are right that their is a few people offering these for sale in the uk.
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