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Question waiting for the fedex guy

Hello, I'm gnarlshark and while sitting here waiting for the fedex guy to get here with my first kitI thought I would check out this site. I can see there are alot of people out there with all the answers for these bikes... in there heads. I have found it difficult so far to find ecxact answers by searching so I guess the thing to do is ask y'all. (yes, I'm from Texas and proud of it)
I ordered the RAW brand 80cc engine kit from bike berry and I need to know whether the bolts are metric or standard american. I've done looked around on the internet and it seems like all the 2-stroke "80cc" engines are pretty much the same i.e. from China. So I'll assume it's metric but I would like to Know for sure before I invest in quality tools.
Can anyone give me a for sure answer?
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