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Default Re: Need Advise On New Build?


As far as I know there haven't really been any improvments to the basic kits. Some are better than others, (service after the sale/quality). I haven't been able to pin down a definitive factory/wholesaler combo that is hands down tops.

As far as the sprocket goes...I think the idea is to "reduce" the tooth count in order to achieve the same speed at a lower RPM. The lower RPM = less engine vibration.

Glad you like the stuff I'm doing! I'm working on making an installation kit for these engines that will give the buyer everything needed to do a proper install whithout having to "Rig" anything. Mechanical aptitude will still be required.

Some of these kits, (not all), have a very heavy clutch handle action...In other words, once installed the handle is abnormally difficult to squeeze. My kit elliminates this problem. If you install your engine and the clutch is really stiff even after it is adjusted my kit and be done with it. When they are off, they are off, and no amount of fiddling is truly going to fix it.

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