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Originally Posted by phatcruiser View Post
I use to think it was a bunch of crap.

The earth is getting warmer. They call it climate change because of the wild swings in weather, cold or hot. As the earth warms the weather will get more extreme. More hurricanes, tornados and extreme cold. We will also experience hotter summers and milder winters. We may have mild winters followed by one that is extremely cold.

The earth is warming, the polar ice is melting and the oceans are rising. That is fact.

Pollution is warming the earth. There are more people on the earth then ever before. China is literally polluting their country so badly that living in certain cities for a year can lower life expectancy by 10 years.
Fact, more ice in antartica now than there has been in years, fact this year the coldest recorded temp inhistory as we know it was recorded in antarctica at -136'F.

We are actually in a cooling trend and it is mainly affected by earth orbit around the sun as we orbit the sun in an oval rather than a circle and through history a reduction in solar radiation and the particular orbit around the sun such as we are moving into is what has caused seveveral years of cooling globally, top scientist are actually predicting a global cooling trend that will last anywhere from one to possbly three decades, so people better get out there long handles and gloves in the next few years to come, just look at Oregon in its "banana belt area" normally mild weather for that state and this years serious cold freezing weather...... no such animal as man made climate c hange or man made global warming.... it a scam my friend and in time all will see.

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