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Default It doesn't look like much, but.....

it has potential.

PHOT0005 (2).jpg

It's an old, American made Huffy girl's bike. It's a bit more 'roomy' than typical cheap frames of today. For instance, there's a bit more space from the bottom bracket to the point that the rear chainstays widen out. Making more room for fenders and tire clearance and such. It's taller than typical cheap bikes as well. That's good for me; I'm a 6 footer.

I don't think it would take much to give it a classic look. I'm toying with ways of taking standard 'duck tail' fenders and making them into wraparounds.

I might be able to make this bike look like a cross between these two NSUs.

Maybe I'll work on this during the winter and end up with a pretty cool bike come spring.
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