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Default Re: Bicycle Insurance

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I guess another case of discrimination against gas bikes. Probably relating to the power limit. Since there's no real power limit for gas bikes they don't want to insure them is my guess. I wonder what happens if you don't mention a gas motor. In Texas some gas powered motorized bicycles, like china girls for instance, are just considered bicycles so there wouldn't be any reason to mention it being a motorized bicycle.

750 watts and 20 mph is the federal limit for new ebikes. It's nice that they will insure these bikes. I wonder what they do in a case where your bike has the ability to be programed to run many different power limits with from the CA?

I work in the insurance industry on the claims side. Going by what I saw on their website they will probably require photographic evidence of damage. They can easily talk to family members and co workers if they smell something fishy. I have seen copies of Facebook accounts and other social media used to the insurance companies benefit. Just keep that in mind.

As for a programmable controller I would guess that it is a no go. They could always deny your claim by saying it was in the competition mode. Then you would have to hire a lawyer and sue or have them negotiate a settlement.

You could always ask them. I wouldn't pay money for insurance unless I knew what it covered and if my property met the criteria.

Veloinsurance is a sales company they do not underwrite.

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