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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

Originally Posted by 1kbike View Post
After some thought, I am gonna go ahead and stick with a Huffy. One, it is my first build and I don't expect it to last forever. I am hoping this will be a great way for me to learn. After all, I'd hate to plop out a lot of money on a bike and mess it up. So if they are POS's. I am not going to stress over it. I just want to have fun so, here I go. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and get one that was built by a worker in China that was having a good day that day.

Oh yeah *snaps fingers* Wal-Mart has that extended warranty thing so I'll get that just in case so I wont be out if something should fail.
If they find out ya stuck a motor on it the waarranty is VOID. I've been riding my Cranbrook/66cc for over 2 years,no problems except flat tires. STOCK wheel bearings with good high temp auto bearing grease,Put better brakes on it, of course. I LOVE my Hussy.
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