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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy


I like to keep work to a minimum this time of year so I stop advertising, get all the pre-paid builds and repairs out the door, then see what big stuff I have around taking up space I can make good and get rid of.

After 3 months of it just sitting around looking stupid we finally got to this Huffy.

Just to re-cap, this Huffy started out as a crap build on a bike with a crap rear coaster brake hub that self destructed I let a guy trade in for $100 off one of my new solid builds.

I paid my local bike shop $50 to install this $50 HD Hub from gasbike in the wheel using the 12g spokes

Pulled the engine and redid all the mounts, pulled the stock wiring and re-did it like I usually do, put HD tubes and liners in both wheels, redid the throttle and cables, put a front brake and dual pull brake lever on, bla bla bla.

In short this is a darn fine bike now as the engine wasn't even broken in before the rest failed so a score regardless, good enough for me to put my name it which makes the first Huffy or non-Skyhawk engine build to get one so a double whammy.

So ya, done right even a Huffy can be made good, I just wouldn't want to intentionally start there ;-}
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