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I know Im gonna get ripped for what Im about to say here but its gonna get said anyway.

Why not in these simple unheated, non cobative conversations that do include personal opinions related to a subjuct that are founded in scientific fact and historical fact, you go ahead and stay fully asleep instead of barely! no harm here in this thread and no one is having a heated debate, only people who have over several years in some cases had discussions related to many topics that dont necessarily walk on the flawless side of forum rules, we know the rules and for the most part we normally make it a point to stay within those guidelines because we dont want a mud slinging debate, but because some of us are so passionate about certain things that we see as a huge threat to our world and country, we tend from time to time with no harm intended to share some of that passion with others here in the open not only for conversation sake but also as a small nugget that could possibly spark some thought in someone else that may potentially shed some new light in someones mind about something that is believed to be very important concerning freedom and personal rights of fellow brothers and sister throughout our world, if someone is being very critical and judgemental in a very harsh way then a reminder is in order to calm the situation, but to step in and try to take control of a conversation when the attitude of it has posed no threat or immediate confrontation between people is unnecessary and reminds me of a government that always tries to take control or be in control based on their belief that they always no what is best for the people and will even move to infringe on their individual rights and freedoms inorder to rein them in and control their direction in action and/or in conversation.

So there, I voiced an opinion that is clearly off topic in this thread, but also one that I believe is warranted based on the fact that there has clearly been no harm done concerning the climate change rabbit trail several of us ventured onto for a moment, this has been a no harm no foul conversation that was basically at its end and needed no one to step in and make an issue of forum rules reminder, it goes along with something that many say all the time" If it aint broke, then don't fix it" sorry for the rant here barelyawake , but there was nothing broke here and the conversation had in no way got out of hand to the point of needing public or private reminder or reprimand.

Ok... well Im sure this will open up a new can of worms which isn't intended, but sometimes I also must speak my mind on matters I believe to be unjustified over regulation.

And by the way, in central Texas we still having a few winter weather blues, upper 30's and very windy today, very muddy and messy out here in the country on these dirt roads, I have to work all night everynight this weekend and will have zero time for bike riding or tinkering..... this for sure makes me sing the blues a bit, best wishes to all and once again what a great community we have here for sharing our passion for the motorized bicycle and a few other things from time to time that we consider very important in our lives and others even though as humans we tend to stretch a half step over a guideline or two now and then, and my hat is off to all the Moderators here for doing such a great job of making this the very best forum for sharing our love for motorbicycling.

Peace, Map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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