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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

OK - I thought you were looking for smaller ones. I was thinking of using a sandwich affair, adapted to the flat mount I made. By itself it did nothing to stop vibration. On the motorcycles I used to work on if the mounts got loose it would tear the bike up. When we would tighten the bolts it would go away. I was thinking that was the problem with the happy time bikes, so I think they need a top mount added! I have a Moon Doggy and it has very little vibration, also a very small frame. Love your machining and all your help. Have fun, Dave
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Thanks, they worked out really well. The piece that you see in the photos is identical to a motorcycle swing arm bushing, (a rubber filled bushing), they were the upper A-arm bushings for a 73 chevy Nova...exact same concept. And yes the vibration isolation was complete.

Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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