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Default Re: Success on 7 deg F motorized bicycle work commute!

rogergendron; sure I'll post a pic of my gloves. I'm in the middle of my work week, so it might take a day or so. Or maybe a description will do. I mostly wear a pair of soft leather mittens. With a bit of fleece inside. They're not bulky gloves, by any means. But inside the bar mitts, they're plenty warm enough. 5 deg F temp, wind chill -10 the other night and hands were perfectly comfy. And they were comfortable on my pedal bike last night. Though it was a great deal more warm, too.

Those photos and ideas you posted have potential, too. They might not be as warm as bar mitts. But they might be warm enough. And they might have the advantage of more space for your hands to work with.

Barely Awake; Thanks. You're stiffening my backbone on the issue. I dress much like you describe. And it really does work. The other night was drastically cold. But I was just fine.

My problem in that extreme weather was that my engine started hard and didn't run very well the whole time. But I have options there. I've been pondering some sort of engine wrap that'll hold in it's heat. Also I'm running a 50 cc that is now nearly two years old, with quite a few miles on it. I have a brand new 80cc waiting for this one to die. Maybe it's time to do an engine swap.

But I also ride a good deal off road after dark. And I'm a bit concerned about seeing the ever-changing ice landscape underneath. It might not be really do-able.

But I'll be on two wheels, all the same. It might be pedal and it might be motor.
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