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I believe we live in what is the second earth age, the first earth age when the dinosaur roamed the earth many things were very different, being a believer in the bible and the history that is laid out in it, I believe that the first earth age was many millions of years long after creation and then after the days of Noah things took a drastic change, before then there for instants was no rain from above and that is why the people on earth for the mostly part didnt believe Noah when he told them for 120 years that a flood was coming and it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights, there were many people on the ark and not just Noah, he was instructed to bring two of every living thing onto the ark, so at least two of each race of people were on it, we know that the continents fit together like a puzzle and in biblical history the 4 corners of the earth were mentioned, which was possible when there was only o e land mass so rounding up two of verythint was possible, I believe that what most of us have been told about bible story history is flaud to a big degree and can only been understood by study of the ancient manuscripts, I believe just as Tom has said, the climate has been changing in one way or another since the beginning of time as we k ow it and it will continue changing until we enter the 3rd earth age and then I believe things will be perfect again as it onc was and steady for eternity under complete control b the creator and it will be once again as it was in the beginning.

Until then we will continue fo have our seasons as always, I do believe they will get more and more crazy I do believe and as we move further into the times of change as things revert in some way back to how they have been in the past and continue the normal cycle, people will. Ontinue to deceive others and take advantage of them and their emotions, that is what they prey on, to many people get sucked into the myths and hoaxes because they allow others to convince them that its OK to follow a feeling rather than a fact, hence all the talk to kids about the seals and the polar bears....... they get into peoples heads this way, red tropical punch flavored cool-aid with cyanide in it still looks good, smells good and taste good...... , but it will kill you graveyard dead..... I just hope people in America and all over the world will wake up, use their brains and stop drinking the cool-aid these crooks are dishing out in schools, TV and the internet.
I'm with Tom and agree the Al Gore types should be made to pay back all the millions they have stolen and then put in jail right in there beside Madoff because they aint one bit better in my book.

Peace, map
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